About Tellico Plains & Coker Creek

Tellico Plains is a small rural community, located in foothills of the the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Tennessee. The Cherokee National Forest surrounds and permeates the area, preserving magnificent mountain scenery which changes with the four distinct seasons. Many long-time resident families still earn a living from small-scale agriculture, and many who have relocated here over the years have added farm animals, orchards, pastures, and gardens to their lives. Most often when you ask directions here, the reply will include at least one barn or a church as a landmark.

Outdoor activities are many: camping, canoeing, bicycling, world class kayaking, boating, fishing on premier trout rivers, hunting, and hiking. Tellico Plains is the gateway to the Cherohala Skyway - a National Scenic Byway and one of several excellent sightseeing routes through the foothills of the Smokies for autos, motorcycles and bicycles. A walking path lined with ornamental pear trees winds across the "plains" in the center of town, inviting a stroll in any season.

Here you will find a slower, yet rewarding, pace of life. Turn back the hands of time and enjoy simpler pleasures, like picnicking on a mountain bald, banjo pickin' around a campfire, discovering wildflowers in the forest. Savor the comforts of small-town living, where friendships form from sharing a table at a local eatery, small churches welcome newcomers, and you always see people you know at the post office.

Tellico Plains is rural yet convenient to hospitals, shopping, performing and visual arts, and other amenities of city life. You can be in a big city like Knoxville in about 1 hour (60 miles), or Maryville in about 45 minutes. Smaller cities are even closer. Madisonville (county seat of Monroe County) is just a 15 minute drive and has a Super Walmart. Athens is medium size city just 30 minutes away with even more retail and service businesses.

For individuals or businesses looking to move to the Tellico Plains area, please visit our Relocation page found on our Desktop Site, a guide to government services, tax structure, population, community facilities, etc.

About Coker Creek

Just south of Tellico Plains lies a picturesque mountain village called Coker Creek, which is within the Cherokee National Forest and nestled in the southern Appalachian mountains. Coker Creek is also the name of the waterway which meanders through the village, known for its picturesque cascading waterfalls, ideal swimming holes, and big flat boulders for basking in the sun. Riding trails, gold panning, skilled artisan shops await you, and the annual Autumn Gold Festival is a favorite fall event, on the second weekend in October. The altitude and latitude create a lush natural environment throughout Coker Creek, with rhododendron, mountain laurel, wild azaleas, ferns and migrating birds of all colors. Gold was discovered here long before the California 49ers headed west, and the Cherokee made their home here until the infamous 1838 Trail of Tears. For more info visit: cokercreek.org

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